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Tire and Wheel Balancing

Commercial tires are often a significant investment. Ensure that you are making the most of your commercial tires with a tire and wheel balancing service at Wilks Tire & Battery Service. Located at 428 N Broad St, Albertville, AL, we offer our services to those in Albertville, Boaz, Douglas or Crossville for a commercial tire and wheel balancing service that will give your drivers a smooth, comfortable and safe ride.

When you have a wheel balancing service at Wilks Tire & Battery Service, you can feel confident that the balance of your commercial truck’s wheels are to factory specifications. Balanced tires can also provide less rolling resistance providing your commercial vehicle with improved fuel economy with more miles per gallon, a plus for any business.

Our Road Force balancing equipment ensures that even the slightest of inconsistencies are detected and resolved by our ASE-certified technicians. We will identify weight distribution issues within a tire and wheel assembly and rectify the issue using the correct wheel weights for your wheels. Contact us on (256) 878-0211 to schedule your commercial vehicle for a tire and wheel balancing service near you.